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Environmental Management Program

PAR West recognizes the importance of protecting our nation’s resources in all operations and business we conduct.

PAR West recognizes the importance of protecting our nation’s resources in all operations and business we conduct.

PAR West is committed to ensuring that all employees, subcontractors, and subconsultants are good corporate citizens and neighbors.

In order to realize this, PAR West is committed to several measures. This includes but is not limited to: ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations; promoting business activities and operations that minimize impacts to sensitive environmental resources; and working with our customers to find ways to promote sustainable methods

PAR West’s goal is to be a good corporate steward of the environment.

PAR West is currently implementing several policies to ensure this takes place. This includes but is not limited to: continuous assessment of our fleet and its GHG impacts and communicating with our clients to find ways within projects to minimize environmental impacts.

PAR West’s goal is to be a good corporate steward of the environment.

Reducing emissions

Our fleet is constantly being upgraded, and we offer the option to utilize a cleaner fleet of vehicles on projects with that need. PAR West has hybrid construction equipment that is used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and comply with specific engine requirements as necessary.

Reusing water

PAR West can pump and use construction vault water or stormwater infiltrations (when determined clean) to use as fugitive dust suppressant along right-of-ways. PAR West utilizes smart irrigation technology in some of its facilities to ensure that landscaping irrigation is limited or eliminated when weather provides adequate rainfall for facilities.

Preserving habitats

Working closely with clients, PAR West uses both advanced planning and proprietary technologies during construction to reduce disturbance areas and reduce environmental resource impacts at the project level. This is especially helpful for projects with habitat mitigation and/or sensitive biological and/or cultural resources.

Eliminating paper

To further protect the environment, PAR West’s corporate and divisional offices have an environmental policy that employees who support our crews in the field follow, such as the utilization of an electronic billing system that eliminates the use of paper. We are always looking for ways to conserve at the corporate and divisional levels.

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

PAR West is focused on long term corporate responsibility and sustainability. Our sustainability mission centers on collaborating with our customers to meet their needs and creating value for stakeholders, while focusing on employee safety and conducting our business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner.

Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance

Our sustainability efforts as well as our goals are measured and trended and made publicly available. These statistics can be found at the link below. Additionally, PAR West’s environmental team has participated in the annual Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance “Alliance Survey” since 2012. PAR West currently serves as a Supplier Affiliate Member for the Alliance.

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PAR West’s environmental impact will be calculated for the entire company based on available data. Click here for a full list of sustainability trends.

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Our Principles

We are committed to sustainable governance principles, which stem from our core values and include a robust ethics and compliance program that is applicable to all Quanta employees.
Our values are not just words on a page. We live them daily. They are inspired by our people, are ingrained in our culture and motivate the actions we take.
We take our responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable future seriously, as demonstrated by the following:

  • Executive-level direction on all key corporate responsibility and sustainability matters, with support from a management-led, cross-functional corporate sustainability committee
  • Oversight of our corporate responsibility and sustainability by a diverse and experienced Board of Directors
  • Executive compensation that is tied to successful performance of key sustainability metrics

As our company continues to grow, so will our commitment to positively impacting the world around us. We are focused on operating the business for the long term and expect to continue to distinguish ourselves through safe execution, best-in-class field leadership and innovative solutions.
We will continue to think differently, grow and evolve as a sustainable company, committed to our people, our planet — and led by our clearly defined strategy and unwavering principles.

In addition to engaging with clients to incorporate sustainable practices into our work, PAR West also participates in community programs to integrate social justice into its work.

In the past, PAR West has participated in local community cleanup events as well as utilized local small businesses in its environmental sustainability efforts. For instance, PAR West has employed local businesses to perform tasks such as recycling programs on projects, environmental consulting efforts, and finding means to improve and upgrade our water efficiency and associated programs at our offices. PAR West also works closely with our vendors to ensure they understand our goals.