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Leading electrical distribution line construction contractor

PAR West applies advanced techniques to its overhead and underground distribution work. Our methods are some of the most advanced in the industry, including live-line maintenance and construction. Our work practices include rubber gloving and hot stick techniques. Keeping projects on schedule and our crews safe.




Capable of providing distribution services for many power sources

We have extensive experience in the installation of all dry utilities on new plant development. This work includes complete installation of not only electric distribution facilities, but also natural gas, telecommunications (including fiber optic cable), and cable television facilities in a shared trench.




Distribution Construction and Maintenance

  • Distribution design and engineering
  • Installation of both overhead pole lines and underground buried cable
  • Overhead construction and maintenance
  • Underground construction and maintenance
  • Primary voltage conversions
  • Underground cable replacement
  • Pole replacements, circuit re-conductoring, circuit rehabilitation
  • Line relocations in preparation for road widening projects
  • Make-ready work for communication infrastructure
  • Fault locate and repair (FLR)
  • And more

Distribution Engineering

  • Rating analysis
  • Route planning
  • Upgrades and rebuilds
  • Line design
  • Foundation design
  • Structure and foundation analysis
  • LiDAR processing
  • Equipment specifications
  • Procurement
  • Line optimization
  • Clearance violation reporting

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