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A highly mobile and flexible engineering and design team

PAR West is capable of handling virtually every type of overhead and underground electrical transmission, distribution and substation project. We can work with utility customers on an engineer, procure, and construct basis or provide focused project specific support.




To complement PAR West’s construction and maintenance services, we provide engineering, design, and construction coordination services.

PAR West is available to design any project including large commercial projects, large tracts, new circuits, reconductoring (both overhead and underground) or simply to step in and relieve extensive workload.


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Distribution Engineering and Design Services

  • Deteriorated Pole Replacement
  • OH to UG Conversions
  • OH/UG Equipment Install/Replacement
  • Residential/Commercial New Services
  • New Feeder Circuits
  • Circuit Automation
  • UG Structure Inspection
  • Pole-Load Analysis
  • AutoCAD Design
  • Cable & Switch Replacement
  • Heavy UG Duct Lines
  • OH/UG Relocations
  • Circuit Reliability
  • Reconductor Programs
  • Circuit Voltage Cutovers
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Joint-Use “Make-Ready” Services
  • Distribution/Substation Protection

Transmission Engineering Services

  • Deteriorated Pole Replacement
  • OH to UG Conversions
  • Line Siting and Location
  • Sag & Tension Analysis
  • Cable-Pulling Analysis
  • AC vs. DC Economics/Performance
  • Circuit Overload Analysis
  • PLS CADD Design
  • OH/UG Relocations
  • Reconductor Programs
  • Conceptual Engineering & Design
  • Engineered Structure Design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conductor Vibration Analysis
  • Foundation Design & Analysis
  • Conductor Parameters

Substation Engineering Services

  • Brownfield & Greenfield Substation Design
  • Substation Automation
  • Grounding System & Studies
  • Protection & Control
  • Relaying Systems
  • Substation Layout & Site Design
  • Physical Design
  • Conduit & Cable Systems
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Fiber OSP Design

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