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Providing specialty geotechnical drilling and construction services

Crux Subsurface, backed by the full resources of Quanta West, is a geotechnical exploration and construction firm, providing contract drilling and related services to the industry.




Crux Subsurface is a leader in specialty geotechnical drilling, providing solutions to some of the industry’s most challenging projects.

We offer innovative techniques and tools, made possible by an extensive knowledge base built on years of experience, and a full in-house fabrication facility where we can tailor materials and equipment to meet the needs of any project. Our team is dedicated to maximizing value while minimizing impacts, and our commitment to design-build solutions allows us to offer a more complete project package.


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Geotechnical Exploration

We provide unsurpassed expertise in difficult-access exploration and challenging core recovery. Collaborating with project owners and our contracting partners, we have developed unique processes and customized equipment that allow us to be successful in these environments.


Building on our exploration experience, Crux provides a number of construction services, including slope stabilization, ground improvement and specialty foundation design-build. We pride ourselves on providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to some of the most challenging projects in North America.


Crux provides fully integrated engineering and construction services, offering clients a single source delivery method. Our design-build program integrates the responsibility for all engineering disciplines – including geotechnical, civil and structural – with construction estimating and project delivery.

Design and construction work hand-in-hand, quantifying the cost and schedule impacts of design concepts before the production of drawings. This collaboration reduces project risk by linking design solutions directly to the project delivery team. With the design-build team at risk, we are incentivized to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality; a process which fosters innovation and ultimately bring the highest value to our clients.

Downhold Geophysics

Crux’s customized optical/acoustical televiewers provide a continuous, detailed and oriented image of the borehole wall. Subsequent interpretation and analysis of this image provides information on dip azimuth and dip magnitude for all identified planar features. The system is applicable in vertical, horizontal, and inclined boreholes, and can accommodate additional downhole surveys including caliper, natural gamma, temperature, and resistivity.

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