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PAR Western Line Contractors, LLC (PAR West) is a Western United States based outside electrical contractor specializing in the management, engineering, procurement and construction of high-voltage transmission lines, distribution lines and substations, as well as energy storage, electric vehicle charging and emergency restoration services.

Commitment to Safety

Creating a workplace where employees understand the importance of safety

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Helping clients meet customers' power needs

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Deeply invested in today's and tomorrow's teams

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About Par West

Our core values are infused throughout everything we do. We provide our customers with the best workforce, the most rigorous safety standards, and unmatched resources – to perform any job, of any size, anywhere we work. That is the PAR West promise. We promote innovative, proven technologies, collaborating with partner organizations and our peers – to complete each project on time, on budget and with an impeccable safety record.

About Par West

Focused on long term corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Our sustainability mission centers on collaborating with our customers to meet their needs and creating value for stakeholders, while focusing on employee safety and conducting our business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner.

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Transmission Services

The foremost electrical transmission line contractor in the Western United States.

PAR West has the transmission line construction expertise and equipment to build any transmission project safely. By applying lessons learned and experience acquired from the execution of some of the country’s largest transmission projects, we have become the premier transmission line constructor in the West.

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Distribution Services

Leading electrical distribution line construction contractor focused on safely executing overhead and underground projects throughout the West.

PAR West applies advanced techniques to its overhead and underground distribution work. Our methods are some of the most advanced in the industry, including live-line maintenance and construction. Our work practices include rubber gloving and hot stick techniques. Keeping projects on schedule and our crews safe.

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Substation Services

Premier substation, switching station and interconnection station erector at all voltages.

PAR West has the experience and resources to complete substation, switching station and interconnection station construction projects on schedule, safely. We have the experience and capability to complete projects of every voltage — from site preparation through energizing. PAR West crews are skilled in control wiring, equipment testing, bus welding and other facets of substation work.

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Comprehensive and integrated approach to a wide range of telecom solutions.

We provide comprehensive infrastructure services to fiber wire line and wireless carrier clients within the communications industry. Striving to self-perform as much of the work as possible to ensure schedule, scope and budget certainty.

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Providing specialty geotechnical drilling and construction services to some of the industry’s most challenging projects.

We offer innovative techniques and tools, made possible by an extensive knowledge base built on years of experience, and a full in-house fabrication facility where we can tailor materials and equipment to meet the needs of any project. Our team is dedicated to maximizing value while minimizing impacts, and our commitment to design-build solutions allows us to offer a more complete project package.

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Civil Services

Consistently executing some of the most unique and challenging civil construction projects in the West.

PAR West is a leader in the West, constructing projects involving underground sitework, trenching, concrete, sidewalks and parking lots. We boast a strong reputation for our work in underground utilities, storm drainage systems, waterworks, streetscapes, roadway electrical, traffic signal and signage and excavation projects.

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Energized Services

Maintain, upgrade and rebuild virtually any voltage, line or facility in an energized state without interrupting the flow of power.

Hold exclusive rights to the patented and innovative LineMaster™ Robotic Arm, which allows for the safe capture and manipulation of energized conductors. Quanta Energized Services trains and certifies PAR West crews to perform barehand live line work.

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Engineering & Design

Highly mobile and flexible team, working with electric utilities providing engineering, design, construction and maintenance services of all scopes and project sizes.

PAR West is capable of handling virtually every type of overhead and underground electrical transmission, distribution and substation project. We can work with utility customers on an engineer, procure, and construct basis or provide focused project specific support.

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Program Management

PAR West is known throughout the West for its ability to consistently provide utility infrastructure solutions.

Our service offerings and consistent, repeatable results are unrivaled. We are called in when other contractors cannot finish a project. We are also called in when a client has a section or phase its contractor simply can’t complete. Whatever the challenge, clients call on our vast experience, technological know-how and unrivaled resources.

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Emergency Response

Quick responses to any emergency.

When emergencies or disasters occur, PAR West is there playing a major role to safely restore services and get critical services back online. Even before challenges arise, we are monitoring the environment and assessing the best way to serve the affected area.

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